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you believe the path to greatness runs through Central Minnesota, we can show you a few shortcuts.

Powering Possible.



At the Initiative Foundation, we believe that we are a region of robust, highly engaged communities where people choose to live, work, give and play. 

Strong public-private partnerships help to sustain and grow local businesses, provide a skilled workforce, create quality jobs, support children and families, and provide an environment that helps attract and retain quality jobs and workers.

From 2023-2025, the Initiative Foundation is working to build vibrant communities through:

  • Nonprofit Capacity Building: Provide training, connections and support to nonprofit organizations and Partner Fund volunteers to enhance their impact throughout our region.
  • Nonprofit and Local Government Innovation: Use training, technical assistance and grant funding to support early-stage projects that strengthen communities.
  • Workplace Best Practices: Model best practices through our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, and by creating an organizational culture that supports workplace wellbeing and operational excellence. 

We do this primarily through Innovation Fund Grants

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Thanks to our supporters and contributors for powering possible and investing in Central Minnesota. Keep the momentum going.