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he quality of life we enjoy in Central Minnesota--the diversity of the economy, the breadth of people, our easy access to the outdoors and the richness of our communities--is a regional asset. For more than two decades, the Initiative Foundation has taken a four-pronged approach in its efforts to help our cities, towns and tribal nations maximize their presence. 
  • Through our technical assistance offerings, we are able to coach civic leaders and help them guide their communities to a better place.
  • Through our training programs, we come alongside regional leaders and help them achieve deep community engagement in the decisions that affect people's lives.
  • Through resource referrals, we help to connect local leaders with organizations and experts to  advance community improvement ideas.
  • And through our grants programs, we provide the early financial resources to move good ideas into action.
Throughout our history we have relied on larger, outside funders to channel training and technical assistance resources into the region. As with everything, there is an ebb and flow. When the stream of incoming revenue slows, as it has in recent times, we often recommend that community leaders seek support through the University of Minnesota Extension Service’s Community and Leadership Development Programs

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  • To learn more about our grants program, including guidelines and deadlines, visit our Grants page
  • To learn about our nonprofit programming, visit our Nonprofit Development page 

If you don’t see what you need, please feel free to contact Don Hickman, vice president for community and workforce development. Don is happy to visit, share insights and recommend resources to move your project forward.




 Don Hickman
Vice President for Community
 Workforce Development
(320) 631-2043

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