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Powering Possible.


An economy thrives when it has a skilled workforce
and locally owned businesses that provide quality jobs.

The Initiative Foundation’s combination of targeted business financing and consulting services helps to leverage private investment and create living-wage employment in the region.

From 2017-2019, the Initiative Foundation's goals are to ...

  • Create 300 quality jobs
  • Retain 600 quality jobs
  • Issue $6 million in new loans, resulting in $36 million in funds leveraged
  • Increase workforce skills for 900 people
  • Increse skills and knowledge for 300 emerging entrepreneurs
  • Help create 50 new business and social enterprise ventures
  • Issue $3 million in new loans to startup businesses and social enterprise ventures

 The Initiative Foundation accomplishes results through the following activities and programs:

From Minnesota Compass ...

November 17th
Metrics measuring the MSP region on economic, environmental, and social outcomes.
November 17th
The 2017 NCAR Arts Vibrancy Index ranks the most vibrant arts cities in America. NCAR provides scores for every U.S. county based on measures of arts dollars, arts providers, government support, and socioeconomic and other leisure characteristics.
July 27th
Ranks the 50 states and the District of Columbia on performance measures in the areas of Financial Security, Business Development, Homeownership, Health Care and Education.

Employement and Economic Development News ...

November 16th
Over the past 12 months, Minnesota has gained 41,372 jobs, a 1.4 percent growth rate, matching the U.S. rate of job growth during that period.
November 14th
The company says it will increase production of combine headers for harvesting corn and will begin making a new line of headers for harvesting smaller grains like soybeans and wheat.
November 13th
The Business Development Competitive Grant Awards go to groups that provide business assistance to targeted groups, including women, minorities, rural residents, technology-based companies and entrepreneurs.



Lynn Bushinger
CFO, COO & Treasurer

(320) 631-2006

Dan Bullert

Daniel Bullert
Business Finance Manager
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