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Enterprise Academy Class Topics


Session Number Description
Welcome: You and your business; credit scores; household budget
2 Planning for Business Success: Introduction to the business plan; alumni speakers 
3 Financial Planning Session No. 1: Cash flow and projections
4 Management and Operations Session No. 1: Managing the creation and operation of your business 
5 Marketing Session No. 1: Marketing and building your brand; analyzing your industry and market
6 Marketing Session No. 2: Affordable, grassroots best practices for web and social media marketing
7 Management and Operations Session No. 2: Human resources and employees
8 Open Session: Catch-up work; new ideas
9 Financial Planning Session No. 2: record keeping, break-even analysis and financial statements
10 Credit and Financing
11 Are You Ready? Wrap-up and business plan presentations
12 Graduation!


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