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Community Builders Circle

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Want to make a pledge? Complete and send in a pledge card or call (877) 632-9255 and ask to speak to a member of our external relations team. Thank you!


Your Region. Your Initiative. Your Foundation.

Thank You to our Community Builders Circle Members!

Meet the Community Builders Circle

Through your generosity, the Initiative Foundation is working to build a stronger, more vibrant Central Minnesota. 

  • Lead: Model the way for others to support community-building initiatives throughout the region.
  • Acknowledge: Gain special recognition in IQ Magazine, specialty publications, on our website  and at Initiative Foundation events.
  • Celebrate: Experience the lifetime fulfillment of giving to causes that inspire you.

Become a Community Builder

Donate $1,000 or more per year to the Initiative Foundation's programs or General Endowment —a forever fund that powers the Foundation’s grants, programs and services. When you give, you’re helping our communities thrive and grow—from  our youngest to our most senior members.

Give Today

Want to make a pledge? Complete and send in a pledge card or call (877) 632-9255 and ask to speak to a member of our external relations team. Thank you!

Gifts That Keep Giving

If you value tax benefits, flexibility, ease, efficiency and accountability paired with thoughtful planning and diligent stewardship, we are the perfect partner for you. Through your generous endowment donations, the Initiative Foundation is able to operate from a solid base of financial support to ...

  • Strengthen economic opportunity: Through business financing and technical assistance, the Foundation helps to create quality jobs and grow locally owned businesses.
  • Support children, youth and families: Through early childhood initiatives and statewide advocacy, the Foundation works to enhance early learning environments to give children the best opportunity to succeed.
  • Build organizational effectiveness: Through grants and leadership training, the Foundation works to ensure that critical nonprofit support and services available throughout the region.
  • Preserve key places: Through community development efforts and natural resources advocacy, the Foundation helps take care of the waters, green spaces and downtowns that define Central Minnesota.

Give Today


Questions? Reach out to a member of our external relations team. They'll be happy to guide you through the community-building value and tax benefits you'll receive when you make a contribution to the Initiative Foundation.


Carl Newbanks
Director of Development
(320) 631-2042


Mike Burton
External Relations Officer
(320) 631-2059


Brenda Gugglberger
Philanthropy Specialist
(320) 631-2061