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Paul_Colette_Cameron.pngColette and Paul Cameron use their donor-advised fund to support the Pine Grove Zoo and other Little Falls-based organizations.

Turn good ideas into good work. (We can help.)

For those who wish to simplify giving or fundraising, the Initiative Foundation hosts an array of charitable funds. Creating a fund is an attractive alternative to starting a family foundation or nonprofit organization, which requires many administrative and legal responsibilities.

Our community philanthropy approach allows you to enjoy the rewards of giving without these burdens. We provide tax-deductible donation and grants administration, investment management, gift processing, marketing assistance, and consulting services.

The Initiative Foundation hosts a variety of funds in partnership with families, organizations and volunteer groups. Funds can be permanent endowments or liquid cash accounts.

Donor-Advised Funds

For families and businesses who wish to formalize their giving by recommending charitable grants on their own timetables. Learn more ...

Education and Scholarship Funds

For people who care about quality education from the K-12 years and beyond. These funds can be established as endowed or non-endowed project funds and support programs and activities that cannot generally be carried out in the traditional classroom settings. Learn more ...

Field-of-Interest Funds

For donors who wish to support a specific interest area (e.g., children’s literacy, family farms, water preservation, etc.) by requesting the Initiative Foundation to award related grants on their behalf. Learn more ...

Agency Funds

For 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that wish to develop a permanent funding stream and accept planned gifts from donors. 

Community Funds

For communities that wish to unite the philanthropy of donors and develop a permanent fund to support local priorities. 

Special Project Funds

Temporary funds for groups who wish to raise money for a specific charitable goal (e.g., construct a building, beautify a park, etc.). 

Revolving Loan Funds

For government or economic development organizations that wish to utilize Foundation staff and administrative resources to make business financing investments.



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