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Diane Wajtanowicz supports the Initiative Foundation because she wants Prairie Farm and her community of Rice to thrive well into the future.

The Initiative Foundation works with donors to process a variety of gifts that earn unique tax advantages, provide income and leave a legacy.

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Join our Community Builders Circle and join us in our effort to help people help themselves by developing leaders and taking common-sense action on the issues that define community health. Want to make a pledge instead? Complete and send in a pledge card or call (877) 632-9255 and ask to speak to a member of our external relations team. Thank you!

Gifts can be designated to support the Foundation’s endowment, programs, or one of our charitable funds. Visit our planned giving resource pages to learn how you can invest in the region and leave a lasting legacy; achieve your long-term goals through a variety of gift options and tax benefits; and ensure that Central Minnesota is economically prosperous and richly vibrant, now and for future generations. Here's a quick overview of the gifts and giving vehicles you can use to support the Initiative Foundation and its mission in Central Minnesota:

Outright Gifts


A cash gift is the simplest tax-deductible way to provide immediate support.

Stock & Securities

Gifts of publicly traded stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares are tax-deductible and also save capital gains taxes on the appreciation. The impact of the gift may be considerably greater than its original cost to you.

Real Estate

Real estate gifts are tax-deductible and save capital gains taxes on the appreciation. Before accepting a gift of real estate, the Foundation must consider issues of taxes, title, liens, debt and environmental concerns.

Personal Property

The Foundation may consider gifts of art, antiques, vehicles, almost anything of value. However, a qualified appraisal and other special tax conditions apply. These are based on whether the gift will be used to advance our mission.

Income-Producing Gifts

Charitable Gift Annuity

You transfer cash or appreciated stock and receive a fixed annual payment for one or two individuals. After your lifetime(s), the remainder goes to the Foundation. A portion of the gift is tax-deductible, and a portion of the income is tax-free.

Charitable Remainder Trust

You place appreciated assets in a separate legal trust, saving capital gains taxes on the appreciation.  The assets are invested, your chosen beneficiaries receive annual payments for life or a term of years, and the remainder goes to the Foundation.  Special tax advantages apply, depending on the gift, vehicle and terms.

Estate Gifts


Your will is a reflection of what matters most in your life — family, friends and charities. A bequest to the Foundation may be a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate. More information is available here

Retirement Plan Assets

You may contribute excess retirement funds by completing a simple “beneficiary designation” for your qualified retirement plan account or IRA.

Transfer on Death (TOD) Stock Portfolio Designation

You may complete a simple “transfer on death” designation for your stock portfolio. Simply inform your broker that you would like to name the Initiative Foundation as the beneficiary.

Payable on Death (POD) Bank Account

You may complete a simple “payable on death” designation for your bank account.  Simply notify your bank that you would like to name the Initiative Foundation as the beneficiary.

Other Opportunities

Life Insurance

You can designate the Foundation as a whole or partial beneficiary of any life insurance policy. By naming the Foundation as the owner and beneficiary of a policy with cash value, you are entitled to a special tax deduction and any future premium payments are tax-deductible.

Home or Farm

You deed your home or farm residence to the Foundation but reserve the right to use it during your lifetime (called a “retained life estate”). After your lifetime, the residence becomes a gift to the Foundation. Special tax advantages apply.

Charitable Lead Trusts

You may temporarily assign assets that provide annual payments to the Foundation, and then have the assets returned to you or your family in the future.  Special tax advantages apply, depending on the gift, vehicle and terms.



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External Relations Officer
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Development Specialist
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