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Power of Partnerships

How the Initiative Foundation works with partners to keep Central Minnesota strong.

1st Quarter 2018

For every dollar raised locally, the Initiative Foundation sends an average of $4.52 out to the Central Minnesota communities it serves. Read about the "Power of Partnerships" and the credibility, trust and programming that attracts funders whose goals align with the Foundation's mission in the region.


The Power of Partnerships

How a network of partnerships keeps Central Minnesota strong.

Enterprising Solutions

Immigrants and refugees are overcoming small business barriers.

Something in the Water

These innovative projects are protecting Minnesota’s beloved waters.

Breaking Through the Filter Bubble

Creating connections across the social and political spectrum.


Regional Highlights

Get the latest highlights from the 14-county area.

Women Who Weld

A look at Pine Tech’s innovative new program.

Bringing it All Together

Brainerd Lakes cities pool resources to benefit businesses.

Room to Grow

Early childhood investments pay off.

Bringing a Legacy to Life

Harnessing the power of donor-advised funds.


A bounty of local food and crafts.