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Raise Your Brand IQ. 

IQ Magazine is an intelligent, affordable advertising choice if you wish to reach a regional marketplace and enhance your brand reputation as a community-focused organization. 

IQ readers are leaders. Sure, you’ll find us proudly displayed in corporate lobbies and cabin coffee tables. But we’re also bookmarked, dog-eared, sticky-noted and tucked away in the personal files of CEOs and legislators. And we're online and available from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The magazine’s print version is mailed quarterly to more than 15,000 of central Minnesota’s most influential business, nonprofit and government leaders who trust IQ to help them make informed decisions. Another 60,000–80,000 enjoy IQ Magazine through pass-along readership, and thousands more access web articles on

Download our advertising guide to review rates and readership, and then contact Advertising Director Brian Lehman to reserve your space today. 

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