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Dreams of Home

affordable housing

March 2010

As we emerge from the recession, affordable housing is a looming community issue.

Is the foreclosure crisis really behind us?
How has the housing market shifted?
Is the American Dream a right or a privilege?

With this issue of IQ, we joined forces with the Greater Minnesota Housing Fund, the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency, and USDA to analyze and humanize a topic that impacts all of us.


Dreams of Home

If you live in the small town of Isanti, Minnesota and visit the city hall, you probably know Anna Vick. She works there full-time as a utility clerk and receptionist.

Second Storm

No natural disaster has claimed more Minnesota homes than the foreclosure crisis. There is hope on the horizon, but it’s not over yet.

Can We Solve Homelessness?

Lisa Ronnquist lived on the streets for most of her 54 years, separated from her family and her Ojibwe people. Fellow homeless souls became her guardians and alcohol her refuge.


Years of planning went into selecting Virginia, Minnesota, as the location for a supportive housing project to serve homeless young people. One petition almost tore apart the project— and the community.

A New Shade of Affordable

Tonya Hollen never wanted a green home. She wanted a safe one.

This Old House

They're out there, staring us right in the face. Sturdy Foundations but outdated utilities. Great locations but bad weatherization. Low prices but a ton of hard work.

Chasing the American Dream

Three Paths to Affordable Housing


Housing Mythology

Let's Renovate the Conventional Wisdom...

Mobile Makeover

Are Manufactured Communities an Overlooked Housing Solution?

The Home Front

Why Minnesota Veterans Come Home to Homelessness

Afford Ability

Sweat-Equity Powers Habitat for Humanity

Senior Portrait

When it Comes to Housing, Boomers Picture Themselves Staying Put.


An IQ&A with Warren Hanson