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The Everywhere Economy

The Engine of Ecommerce Powers New Possibilities

1st QUARTER 2014

Rural living no longer poses the limitations it once did. As long as you have a sturdy internet connection, a vision and some grit and determination, you can live wherever you want and be as successful as you want. And we’ve got some stories to prove it.


The Everywhere Economy

Online shopping is connecting Minnesota-made products and services with an increasingly global audience.

Bank On It

Financial literacy programs help kids plan for now - and the future.

Ready To Work

Workers with disabilities earn an income, gain fulfillment and add value to their communities.

IQ Magazine 10-Year Retrospective

Read about IQ Magazine and how it has shaped, illuminated and celebrated Central Minnesota during its 10 years in print.


Regional Investment Highlights

Good things are happening in the 14-county Initiative Foundation region.

Business: Proactive & Productive

Disengaged employees can cost companies money. Learn how to engage workers' hearts and minds.

Community: Boomtowns

A can-do attitude and some good old fashioned fortitude helps communities thrive and survive.

Philanthropy: Stock Up

Stocks and other appreciable assets can offer win-win situations for donors and the organizations they support.