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Follow the Leader

As baby boomers retire, a new generation discovers the rewards of public service.

2nd Quarter 2016

In the next 10 years, Central Minnesota’s population of people ages 65 and older is expected to grow by 49.5 percent while our population of working-age adults will increase by just 2 percent.


Follow the (Emerging) Leader

As baby boomers retire, a new generation is embracing the rewards of public service.

Healthier Nonprofits, Healthier Hometowns

Well-managed nonprofits are more effective partners when it comes to solving community challenges.

Books for Every Child

Nurturing the love of reading in Central Minnesota preschoolers.

Invasion Persuasion

In the battle against aquatic invasive species, increasingly creative strategies are being used to preserve lake, river quality.

2015 Annual Report

Learn about the ways in which you've partnered with the Initiative Foundation to invest in Central Minnesota.


Regional Highlights

Get the latest economic and community development highlights from the 14-county area.

Jobs Pipeline

As the country’s sewer infrastructure ages, a startup pneumatic pipe plug manufacturer in Hanover is poised for success—and job creation.

Toasting Success

The Morrison County Area Foundation is making Little Falls a compelling option for young professionals.

Home Made: RMI Outdoors

Go inside the world of rotomolding.