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Generation Next

Millennials Make Their Mark In Central Minnesota

2nd Quarter 2014

As Baby Boomers retire, the Millennial generation gets set to become our new leaders. Read about how Millennials are engaging in their communities, influencing the workplace and making their presence known in Central Minnesota.


Millennials: Generation Next

As Baby Boomers retire, the Millennials get set to become our new leaders.

Wise Guides: Executive Mentoring

Executive mentors bring “been there, done that” knowledge to new businesses.

Wired: Minnesota's Broadband Backbone

Stengthening the state’s broadband infrastructure will bring new opportunities to Central Minnesota.

Good Work: Community Service

A culture of community service is taking hold in businesses across Central Minnesota.

2013 Annual Report: A Year In Review

Learn about the ways in which you helped the Initiative Foundation invest in the betterment of Central Minnesota.


Regional Highlights

Get the latest economic and community development highlights from the 14-county area.

Business: Profits for nonprofits

Social enterprise harnesses the power of business for social change.

Community: Vision Quest

Rush City residents get the training and support their community needs to thrive.

Philanthropy: Land Matters

Real estate gifts help property owners give back.

How-to: Make The Right Hire

When it comes to assessing a job candidate, the questions you ask are essential.

Home Made: TriLite Stone, Howard Lake, Minn.

TriLite Stone of Howard Lake, Minn., manufactures stone for residential and commercial use.