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October 2010

If you're a business or community leader, chances are that you're involved with one or more nonprofit organizations.  Nonprofits are the heart of the community, but they are also behind-the-scenes improvisers, organizers, big thinkers, problem-solvers, and economic drivers.

How are nonprofits inventing unusual ways of dealing with the usual issues?  Will the recession and other trends change the timeless formula for community caring?

This issue of IQ shines a new light on central Minnesota's inspiring, evolving charities.


Heart Drive

Ashley and Vinny Dones were eager to get pregnant after they married in March 2009. But the Florida newlyweds' happy news the following November came at an extremely stressful and uncertain time: Ashley was out of work and businesses were closing across the region.


Innovative solutions aren’t solely the province of business or industry. Nor are they cooked up by Einstein-level geniuses.

Storm Chasers

A 2010 F4 tornado or a tumultuous economic firestorm. Examining the caseload at the Otter Tail-Wadena Community Action Council, it’s hard to tell which event made the greatest impact.

Growing Upside

When a foundation aims to strengthen an entire region, there are at least two strategies to consider.

The New Face of Volunteerism

When Laurie Hoenig decided to volunteer at the Women’s Center of Mid-Minnesota—a shelter and parental visitation dropoff center in Brainerd—she wasn’t interested in stuffing envelopes.


Nonprofit Mythology

Businesses & Nonprofit Leaders Bear Separate but Equal Responsibilities

Crystal Ball

Are More Nonprofit Mergers & Dissolutions in Minnesota's Future?

Secondhand Success

Thrift Stores Help Charities Put the Profit Back in Nonprofit

Faith Forward

Minnesota's Faith-Based Nonprofits Gain Higher Power


An IQ & A with Charlotte Johnson