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Over There

international business

Winter 2012

In our first special issue of 2012, we profile central Minnesota companies that are doing business internationally, the stories of how they expanded into those markets, and their immense impact on our regional economy. Join us as we:

  • Uncover the trends and impact of international trade - especially for manufactured goods - in central Minnesota.
  • Profile businesses of varying sizes and industries to uncover common paths for success.
  • Spotlight unique cultural differences and other business barriers.
  • Provide road maps and resources for businesses to explore international trade.


Over There

As the 20th cenury would down, so did the global momentum of DeZURIK, Inc...

Six Markets

From underwater fishing cameras to machines that make microwave popcorn bags to laboratory-ready bacterial cultures, central Minnesota companies are exporting more goods to more markets than ever before...


Great ships loaded with grain and iron ore leaving the Duluth harbor... that was the image of our state's international trade...

The Technical Instruction Manual

Investments, persistence {and some assembly} required.

Resource Guide

International aspirations? Here's your little black book.


Tip Sheet

Whether you're an overseas tourist or a corporate rainmaker, culture counts.

Sign of the Times

International students guide firms to unfamiliar success.

On The Job

Five things to know about life as an International Trade Representative.


An IQ&A with Minnesota Trade Office Exec Katie Clark