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Silent Storm

children's mental health

Winter 2008

Join us on the cutting edge of an issue that no one is covering - the emotional health of our youngest kids. Stressed family lifestyles, media experiences, traumatic events, and depressed, deployed or incarcerated parents may be forming a perfect storm for Minnesota's surge in early childhood mental health issues.

Some kids suffer in silence. Others are expelled from childcare. Parents follow a maze that winds through long waiting lists and declined insurance coverage to a few trained doctors and mental health pros. What do we need to know?


Silent Storm

No news media are reporting on it. Few people are talking about it. Many refuse to believe it exists. The invisible statistic is that one out of twenty children has mental health problems serious enough to affect their development and that number appears to be growing.

Minnesota Thrive Brochure

We are standing up for a growing number of Minnesota children who are suffering in silence, who are too young to speak for themselves.

The Key 3

Three boys. Three stories. Three unfortunate disorders that speak volumes about the importance of early childhood mental health.

The Kid's Instruction Manual

If you have ever wished your son or daughter came with an instruction manual, rejoice. You've come to the right place.

Kicked Out

It was the phone call that every parent dreads. For the Frost family, it came on Sunday evening after a long and relaxing weekend.

The Long & Winding Wait

Six months of waiting. Six months of wondering. Six months of watching your child suffer from the inside out. Six months of guilt, stress, helplessness. Six. Months.