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Six Who Shine

2009 Initiative Awards

Spring 2009

In late March, we unveiled the winners of our 2009 Initiative Awards, recognizing outstanding leadership and community service in central Minnesota.  This keepsake magazine is always popular. A man helps children reconnect with incarcerated parents. A nonprofit helps families achieve a dream they once thought was impossible. (Trust me, they keep getting better.)

This issue also includes the foundation's annual report to the community and new hope for tough economic times.


Outstanding Leadership

Glen Palm is a powerful voice for our youngest children. He stands up for those who can't sepak for themselves.

Outstanding Nonprofit

They are an inspiration to those of us who believe in the power of committed volunteers, and that change is best achieved by helping people to help themselves.

Outstanding Youth

Here is a young woman who breaks through the popular mindset that today's youth are heading in the wrong direction. She sees the world through a lens of hope, with unlimited opportunities to improve lives.

Outstanding Enterprise

If you drew up the perfect success story for economic development, you'd find yourself telling the story of LINDAR. It's a story about hometown pride, leadership and service. And it's a story about creating quality jobs when it really matters.

Outstanding Green Venture

This nonprofit dream-come-true shows us the power and promise of renewable energy. It's a testament to selflessness and determination-doing something great even when people say you can't.

Outstanding Community

What strikes me most about this community is that people show up. Whether there are challenges to confront, opportunities to seize, or people to help, Pine City residents turn out in full force. That doesn't happen everywhere.