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Snow Business

there's no business like snow business

4th Quarter 2012

The latest forecast from the experts at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration called for a cold, dry winter for Minnesota. While this has augured well for the Brainerd Jaycees $150,000 Ice Fishing Extravaganza and all the businesses around Gull Lake contest, not everyone was ready to celebrate just yet.

Also in this issue:

  • Perfect Pursuit - St. Cloud leaders attracted an international giant to central Minnesota. Here’s how they sealed the deal.
  • After You - Succession planning allows leaders to rest assured their business will continue long after they’re gone.
  • Our Diaper-Clad Economy - Early childhood education and the bottom line.


There’s No Business Like Snow Business

Snow, or the lack of it, can cause a perfect storm in the regional economy.

Perfect Pursuit

Using a strategy that can be replicated by communities of all sizes, St. Cloud area leaders attracted agri-manufacturing giant Geringhoff to central Minnesota. With a unique welcome speech and an aggressive message of mutualism, here’s how they sealed the deal.

After You

Succession planning—jargon for who will take the reins after business owners are gone—is a high-stakes decision for corporations and communities.

Our Diaper-Clad Economy

Early childhood education and the bottom line.



The Foundation’s Regional Investment Highlights.

What to Ask When You’re Asked

How can you tell if a nonprofit board position is right for you?

Been There

What’s your most important advice for a new entrepreneur?

Heart Times

Downtown revitalization pumps up Annandale

Give and Get

Charitable Gift Annuities: Fixed payments to donors on the front end, charitable gifts to nonprofits on the back end.

Smude’s Sunflower Oil, Pierz

Products made right here in Central Minnesota.

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