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Still Growing

Family farms thrive with a mix of entrepreneurship, innovation and grit.

3rd Quarter 2016

Hit in the 1980s by the joint forces of globalization, falling commodity process, a deep recession and soaring interest rates, many family farms fell into debt or were lost to forclosure. This is a story of sturdy Central Minnesota resilience.


Still Growing

Central Minnesota's family farms survive with a mix of entrepreneurship, innovation and grit.

A Legacy of Leadership

St. Cloud State University President Earl H. Potter was an advocate for education, and economic and social change.

Punching through Poverty

How Staples and Motley are making sure a community-based solution will introduce awareness and change.

Job Engine

How creativity and openness are creating job opportunities across the region.


Regional Highlights

Get the latest economic and community development highlights from the 14-county area.

Anderson Center Forums

Grow yourself. Grow your organization. Here's how.

A Clean Start

An innovative work-release program in Pine City Provides job training to jail inmates and helps local businesses meet workforce challenges.

Lessons in Generosity

Education Foundations encourage excellence in schools across Central Minnesota.

Energizing Communities

How Central Minnesota utilities support economic development in towns they serve.

Home Made

Cross-Tech Manufacturing Crosslake, Minn.