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Summer 2011

On June 17, 2010 an F4 tornado tore through the Wadena area.  One year later, this issue of IQ serves as a guide for central Minnesota communities impacted by a natural disaster, conveyed through the experiences of Wadena and other communities.

  • What were Wadena's best and worst decisions, and what advice do leaders have for other communities?
  • Which heroes stepped up when it mattered most?
  • How should every community, family and business prepare for a disaster, and what do we overlook?
  • How can communities transform a disaster into an opportunity for revitalization?


Twists of Faith

A year after a powerful tornado devastated Wadena and Otter Tail counties in central Minnesota, the community is taking stock of what went right-and the hard lessons learned.

A Community of Heroes

After the Wadena tornado, no one claimed to be a hero...they reserved that title for each other.

After Shock

When the roaring winds stop and the ground swallows the last puddles of murky water. When the debris is piled up and hauled away on the same road the volunteers and news cameras traveled out of town. When all is scarred and silent, that's when the most personal level of healing begins.

Once and Again

It was barely a week after the 2010 tornado devastated parts of Wadena and the surrounding towns...

Before and After

What can we do now? Who should we call later? A quick reference guide for disaster preparation and response.

The Initiative Foundation's 2010 Annual Report


Emergency Generosity

In a time of disaster, charitable giving moves as fast as the news cycle.

Kindness Management

Without planning and direction, disaster volunteerism can go to waste.

An Ounce of Preparation

For businesses, basic disaster plans can lead to a swift recovery. And speed is the name of the game.


An IQ & A with Minnesota Homeland Security and Emergency Management Director Kris Eide.