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Who's Hiring Who?

jobs for 2011 and beyond

Winter 2011

In 2009, IQ examined how the recession changed the futures of thousands of central Minnesota's small businesses and dislocated workers. This time, we're looking ahead to economic recovery in 2011.

Which regional industries are showing signs of life?  What's next for construction and manufacturing?  How have employee skills and employer expectations changed?  How are secondary and higher education responding?

This issue of IQ takes a bold look at the growing jobs, changing skills, and education innovations of 2011.


Who's Hiring Who

Is this a rebound or just a blip?” That’s the question Kent Gilmore asks whenever Nahan Printing considers hiring more staff in response to resurgent business. It’s also one reason why taking on new full-time employees is such a difficult decision for central Minnesota employers...

Digital Divide

Julie Ball spent more than six years varnishing, staining and finishing exterior doors at Bayer Built Woodworks in Belgrade. The 58-year-old married mother of two planned on staying with the company until retirement. In January 2010, she was laid off...

Train Stations

A college diploma once served as a golden ticket, practically guaranteeing a good job with a salary to match. Times, and conventional wisdom, have changed. The jobless rate for college graduates under age 25 is twice as high as it was just three years ago, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics...

Jump Start

In the 21st Century jobmarket of ever-morphing positions and technology, gauging three simple skills can save time and money on hiring decisions. The bottom line? It’s not about what applicants know at the time of the job interview. It’s about discerning whether they can learn, find and solve...


Re-assembly Required

What is the future of manufacturing and construction?

Unemployed to Entrepreneur

More displaced workers are becoming their own bosses.

How (and Why) to be a Lifelong Learner

In a tight economy, even people with secure jobs can't rest on their laurels.


An IQ & A with Minnesota State Demographer Tom Gillaspy and State Economist Tom Stinson