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7 Graduate From 2020-2021 Initiators Fellowship

December 23, 2021

Entrepreneurs from Central, Southwest and West Central Minnesota leverage two-year, $60,000 fellowship to grow, expand their soc…
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Robinson Joins Foundation as Entrepreneurship Programs Officer

November 18, 2021

New position expands opportunities for those who aspire to start, grow businesses in Central Minnesota
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Eight Fellows Chosen for 2022-2023 Initiators Fellowship

October 18, 2021

From a community journalist with a goal to surface community-centered challenges and solutions to an entrepreneur creating felon…
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16 Finalists Emerge for 2022-2023 Initiators Fellowship

October 1, 2021

Social Entrepreneurs from Central, Northwest, Southwest and West Central Minnesota in the running for two-year, $60,000 fellowsh…
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Adams Joins Expanded Business Finance Team

August 20, 2021

Longtime banker to deliver additional resources for rural entrepreneurs
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