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Nonprofits Receive Nearly $390,000 in Third-Quarter Grants

December 5, 2019

The Initiative Foundation and its Partner Funds are pleased to announce that 100 grants totaling nearly $390,000 were awarded during the third quarter of 2019. 
"As always, we are proud to support organizations throughout our region that benefit our youngest to our most senior community members," said Matt Varilek, Initiative Foundation president. "Grants from our Innovation Fund and Partner Funds during the third quarter supported workforce hiring initiatives, a study on the restoration of historic buildings, a work plan for the city of Becker's energy transition and so much more."
Find the full third-quarter 2019 grants listing on

Innovation Fund Awards

The following organizations were among those that received grant funding during the months of July, August and September 2019: 

  • Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota—Technical Assistance for Communities: $7,000 to provide technical assistance and direct service to communities, businesses and schools for adapting practices and receiving certification as a Bicycle Friendly Community. The communities of Walker, Chisago Lakes, North Branch, Big Lake, St. Cloud and Little Falls will all benefit from this grant.   

Partner Fund Awards

The Initiative Foundation hosts a variety of Partner Funds for families, businesses, nonprofit organizations and volunteer-led groups. The following organizations were among those that received grant funding during the months of July, August and September 2019:  
  • Morrison County Area Foundation: $1,000 to the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls to provide financial aid for families in need or with special circumstances. 

About Initiative Foundation Grants

Since 1986, the Foundation has awarded thousands of grants totaling more than $34 million. The average grant award is about $5,000. All grants support projects that address at least one of the following areas: 
  • Help small businesses and social enterprises through access to technical assistance, mentorship and education efforts. The Foundation is especially interested in supporting minority business ownership and/or job creation in areas of concentrated poverty.
  • Help communities address opportunities or barriers to business growth and creation or retention of quality jobs.
  • Support activities that lead to improved skills and employment or advancement in growing sectors for future, displaced or underemployed workers.
  • Support community-based early childhood efforts to advance literacy, school readiness and access to dental services for children in poverty.
  • Help nonprofits that have a core focus on poverty become more effective or efficient through strategic planning, staff development or board training.
  • Support activities that cultivate the next generation of leaders working and living in our region.
  • Support planning or start-up funds for community-based amenities or events that help attract and retain skilled workers and young families.
  • Help communities respond to and recover from significant local natural disasters.
Visit the Initiative Foundation Grants page to learn more.

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