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Each year, more than 2,000 donors support the Initiative Foundation's mission to build and sustain thriving communities in Central Minnesota. Everything we do is powered by generous people and generous investments. We appreciate each gift for the special reasons it was given, and we work tirelessly to maximize contributions through funding partnerships and financial accountability.

Want to initiate something? Let's do it together. Download our pledge card to get started, or visit the following pages to learn more:

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January 25th
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July 31st
National figures on social networking use, including an overview of changes over time.
July 27th
A series of reports designed to inform citizens and policymakers about the state of our civil society and democracy. The Indices measure how well Americans are connecting to each other and their communities by rates of volunteering, voting, connections to…


Questions? Reach out to a member of our external relations team. They'll be happy to guide you through the community-building value and tax benefits you'll receive when you make a contribution to the Initiative Foundation.


Carrie Tripp
Vice President for External Relations
ctripp(at) | (320) 631-2015 

Mike Burton

Mike Burton
External Relations Officer
mburton(at)  |  (320) 631-2059

Brenda Gugglberger
Development Specialist
(320) 631-2061